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Notary Public Services in Kenya

Notary Public Services in Kenya

Who is a notary public?

Notaries Public are licensed under the Notaries Act Cap 17 Laws of Kenya. In Kenya, a notary public is also required to be an advocate.

It states;

“The Chief Justice may, by instrument under his hand, appoint any advocate to perform within Kenya the functions and duties commonly performed by a notary public of the United Kingdom.”

Who can be appointed a Notary Public in Kenya?

The Act further states;

“No advocate shall be appointed under this Act unless he has practiced as an advocate in Kenya for not less than five years immediately preceding his application to be appointed as a notary public”.

“The Registrar of the High Court, on receiving from the Chief Justice the instrument of appointment, and on receiving from the person requiring to be enrolled the prescribed fee, shall enroll the name of such person in a book which shall be kept for that purpose in the office of the Registrar of the High Court, and shall issue to such person a certificate of enrolment which certificate shall authorize him to perform within Kenya the functions and duties of a notary public up to the 31st December next after the date on which such certificate became effective”

Therefore the Notary Public in Kenya must take out a certificate yearly as the commission expires every 31st December.

Why would you need notary public services in Kenya?

  1. attestation of documents and certification of their due execution for use internationally.
  2. preparation and certification of powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts, and other legal documents for use internationally.
  3. administering of oaths for use internationally.
  4. witnessing affidavits, statutory declarations, and other documents for use internationally.
  5. Certification and authentication of documents.
  6. When requested by a foreign embassy for notarized documents.

Also, see what a Notary Public does in England.

Parties must appear before the notary public in Kenya with the original documents and carry their identification documents.

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Notary Public Services in Kenya

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