Tenancy Agreement in Kenya

A tenancy agreement in Kenya is an agreement between the landlord (owner of the house) and the tenant to allow the tenant to occupy a house owned by the landlord under certain terms and conditions. It gives the tenant possession for a certain time as indicated in the tenancy agreement.

A tenancy outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy. Common clauses include;

  • Period of the tenancy
  • Terms of rent payment i.e. frequency of payment and the date of payment
  • Deposit (and the terms for refund)
  • Obligations of the Landlord
  • Obligations of the tenant
  • Notice Period
  • Dispute Resolution Clause
  • Governing Law

It’s crucial to read through the tenancy agreement and note the terms and conditions. If you would like to have a tenancy agreement drawn or reviewed, please contact us at info@swkadvocates.com or by Call/WhatsApp on 0726 328555.

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