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What is an affidavit

An affidavit in Kenya is sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act, Cap 15 of Kenya. An affidavit is commissioned by a Commissioner for Oaths duly appointed and commissioned to act as such. The Commissioner for Oaths shall be a practising advocate as required by the Act.

Who may swear an affidavit; an adult of sound mind

Under what circumstances is an affidavit required in Kenya? There are various circumstances under which a person maybe required to swear an affidavit in Kenya which may include but not limited to;

1. As evidence in a court of law

2. Confirmation of names i.e. if they differ in documents such an National Identity card of passport

3. To authorize a person to undertake a certain activity e.g. a parent authorizing a minor to travel to a foreign country

4. On behalf of a company

What do you require?

1. Form of Identification

2. Present before a commissioner for oaths and sign the affidavit

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