Kenyan Laws

February 23, 2023

Investor Permit in Kenya- Immigration services in Kenya

In Kenya, the investor permit is issued to foreign investors who wish to invest and establish a business in the country. The certificate is issued by the Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), which is the government agency responsible for promoting and facilitating investment in Kenya. The minimum investment to be issued with an Investor’s Permit is USD 100,000. To apply for […]
November 12, 2021

Legalization of a Marriage Certificate in Kenya

Legalization of a Marriage Certificate in Kenya Legalization is the process through which a document is verified and attested through a legal process for use abroad or in another country. The process determines that the document presented is valid for use and can be accepted as a genuine document in the country that it’s required.  Kenya has not signed the […]
November 7, 2019

Process of buying property in Kenya

Are you buying property in Kenya? Here’s what you need to know; Freehold property- This gives the owner of the title absolute ownership of the property and does not attract ground rent.  Leasehold property- This confers to the owner a limited period of time to own the property which can be extended. The Kenyan constitution only allows leases of 99 […]
October 15, 2019

Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage in Kenya

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage in Kenya In this article we will cover the following: What is a certificate of non impediment to Marriage in Kenya Who issues the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage in Kenya? What documents are required to issue the Certificate of no impediment to marriage in Kenya? What is the cost of getting this […]
June 29, 2018

Advocates in Kenya- Our Services

We are a premier law firm in Kenya offering the following services: General Legal services Notary public in Kenya Attestation and certification of documents in Kenya Affidavits in Kenya Due Diligence Services in Kenya Legal Audits Commissioner for Oaths Real Estate and Conveyancing Intellectual Property Registration Legal Advisory Corporate Governance Advisory
March 20, 2016

Procedure for applying for grant of representation in Kenya

The procedure for applying for grant of representation is set out in section 51 of the Kenyan Law of Succession Act and Rule 7 to 14 of the Probate and Administration Rules. In the first instance, one has to be eligible to apply for the grant as stipulated in section 66 of the Law of Succession Act which sets out the […]