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Registration of a Trademark in Kenya

A trademark is a symbol, word, phrase, design, or combination of these elements, that is used to identify and distinguish the goods or services of one person or entity from those of others in the marketplace. A trademark can be a logo, brand name, slogan, or product packaging design, among others. Trademarks serve as an indicator of origin and help consumers make informed purchasing decisions by allowing them to associate a particular product or service with a particular company or brand. Registering a trademark gives the owner exclusive rights to use that mark in connection with their goods or services in the country where the trademark is registered.

Search the trademark registry: Search the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) database to ensure that your desired trademark is not already registered.

Prepare the trademark application: Complete the trademark application form, which can be obtained from KIPI or its website, and attach a representation of the trademark.

File the trademark application: Submit the completed application form and representation of the trademark to KIPI either in person, by mail or online.

Payment of fees: Pay the required government fees, which vary depending on the class of goods and services.

Examination of the trademark application: KIPI will examine the trademark application to ensure that it meets the legal requirements for registration.

Publication of the trademark application: If the trademark application is approved, it will be published in the Kenya Industrial Property Journal for opposition purposes.

Opposition: Any person who believes that your trademark should not be registered may file an opposition within 90 days of the publication of the trademark application.

Grant of trademark registration: If there are no oppositions or if all oppositions have been resolved, KIPI will grant the trademark registration and issue a certificate of registration.

Renewal: Trademarks must be renewed every 10 years to remain in force.

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Registration of a Trademark in Kenya

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