Class D Work Permit in Kenya

A Class D permit or employment permit, also known as an immigration work permit, is issued to foreign nationals seeking employment in Kenya. The permit is granted upon application and qualification and allows the foreign national to live and work in Kenya.

To apply for a Class D work permit, the foreign national must have a job offer from a Kenyan employer, who must apply for the permit on the employee’s behalf and provide evidence of the job offer, including a contract of employment. The applicant must also provide proof of qualifications and experience, a valid passport, and other required documents and information.

Generally, a work permit is issued to foreign nationals who have skills and qualifications that are not readily available in the local job market. However, foreign-owned businesses may be given permits for strategic employees, at the discretion of the immigration offices. The application process involves both the employer and employee, and it is essential to have all necessary documents and information ready to increase the chances of a successful application.

You require the following documents to make an application for a Class D work permit in Kenya.

  1. Copies of academic qualification certificates and professional certificates of the applicant.
  2. Incorporation certificate of the employing company or organization.
  3. Company PIN Certificate
  4. Tax Compliance certificate of the company or organization.
  5. Tax Compliance certificate of the applicant (where applicable).
  6. PIN certificate of the applicant (where applicable)
  7. Executed immigration application form 22
  8. Passport photo of the applicant.
  9. Copy of passport of the applicant.
  10. Application for renewal Cover Letter from the company or organization offering employment.
  11. Contact information of the applicant. Email, Phone number, postal address, and residential address.
  12. Contact information of the employer. Email, Phone number, postal address, and residential address.
  13. Name and contact information of Understudy.
  14. Copies of CV and Academic qualifications of the understudy.

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