Practice Areas

We offer a top range services in the following areas:

Real Estate & Construction

We provide ace class legal solutions for Real Estate Development projects, Land sale transactions and dealings on interests and rights inland.

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Corporate and Commercial law

In this area, we provide in-depth attention to the drafting of commercial contracts of all types and

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Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property team has expertise in all areas of trade or service mark, trade secret, copyright and patent law.

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Banking, Finance & Capital Markets

The firm provides advice with respect to Banking, Finance, and Capital Market services.

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Solving your tax problems cannot be accomplished without first understanding the other financial problems you may be facing.

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Legal Audits

We provide legal audits for our corporate clients.

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Governance Audits

We provide board training, governance training as well as governance audits to our clients.

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Legal Research and Advice

We offer our clients advice in diverse areas of the law through the preparation of legal opinions and one on one legal advice.

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Company Secretarial Practice

We deal in the incorporation of companies, registration of foreign companies in Kenya . . .

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Probate and Administration

We help our clients in preparing wills and general administration of property in inheritance.

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Employment and Labor Relations

We provide legal advice on the legal requirements that govern the employer-employee relationship.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer specialized services in arbitration and mediation with a view to concretely solve matters between disputants ..

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Legalization & Attestation of Documents

We provide legalization services for clients who require to use documents and certificates issued in Kenya in different countries.

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Stamping, Commissioning, Certification and Notarization Services

Our team comprises of Lawyers who can witness, commission, certify and notarize documents . . .

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Other Legal and Company Secretarial Services

We are ready to offer solutions to our clients in all areas of law and company secretarial practice.

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